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What is Podcasting?

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is really like a radio broadcast with the exception of it being provided through the Internet. Thousands of people worldwide are making podcasts on many different subjects. Millions of people listen to podcasts every day.

An Educator's View

About Our Show

Radio Southeast, Southeast TV, and other related shows of the Southeast Student Network are educational productions of Southeast Elementary School in Mansfield Center, CT USA. We started producing episodes in January 2006. Here are some of the steps that we use to produce our show.

Subscribe to the Southeast Student Network

The Southeast Student Network uses RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) to allow you to receive our content immediately after it is released! We create a special set of computer instructions that allows software on your computer to download our podcasts and videocasts!

Subscription will always be completely free, but you do not need to subscribe in order for you to get our episodes! You can always listen to and watch episodes right on this web site!

Audio and Video Podcasts

Feedback Survey

Feedback SurveyThank you for taking the time to fill-out our survey. To begin, click here.

We appreciate your help!

    The Crew and Producers of the Southeast Student Network

Thank You for Filling-Out Our Survey!

Thank youThank you for answering our listener and viewer survey! Each time someone provides feedback, it allows us to make our shows better. In the future, if you listen to a new episode, please answer the survey again.

We appreciate your help!

    The Crew and Producers of the Southeast Student Network

Help for Audio Podcasts

Our audio podcasts are available in several different format. If you want to listen right on our web site, all you need to do is download Adobe Flash Player. You can also use the direct links on each episode's page. Those links allow you to download a file to your computer and listen with programs like iTunes or Windows Media Player. Those direct download links are located in the black box on each episode page.

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